Top 10 Hindi FM Radio

Top 10 Hindi FM Radio

As the world spins to the beat of music, the airwaves in India resonate with the diverse sounds of Hindi FM Radio. From soulful melodies to vibrant talk shows, these stations have become an integral part of our daily lives. Each day, millions of listeners tune in, finding solace and joy in the rhythmic flow of their favorite programs.

Let's take a melodious journey through the list of the top 10 Hindi FM radio stations that are captivating audiences across the nation. These stations not only entertain but also connect people through a shared love for music and engaging content, enriching our lives with every broadcast.

Best 10 Hindi FM Radio Stations List

Station name Frequency Languages Founded Year

Bajao Radio

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Online Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Uttarakhand, Haryanvi, Devotional 2020
Vividh Bharti 101 FM 101 FM Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati 1953
Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM 98.3 FM Bengali, English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu 2001
Radio City 91.1 FM 91.1 FM Hindi 2001
BIG FM 92.7 Chennai 92.7 FM Hindi, English 2006
Air FM Gold 100.1 FM Hindi 2001
Red FM 93.5 93.5 FM Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam 2009
Fever 104 FM 104 FM Kannada, Bengali, Hindi, English 2006
Radio Nasha 91.9 FM 91.9 FM Hindi 2016
My FM 94.3 94.3 FM Hindi 2006

1. Bajao Radio: Top Online Hindi FM Radio

Bajao Radio - Online Hindi Radio

Bajao Radio lives up to its name, promising to 'Bajao' or play music that resonates with the listeners. This online Hindi FM radio is known for its eclectic mix of Bollywood hits and peppy tracks, this radio station is a go-to for those who love to keep their spirits high.

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2. Vividh Bharati:

Vividh Bharti - Hindi FM Radio

Vividh Bharati, a timeless classic radio station, has been enchanting listeners for decades. Renowned for its rich cultural programs, vintage melodies, and captivating stories, this FM radio Hindi holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate the finer aspects of Indian music and culture.

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3. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM:

Radio Mirchi - FM Radio In Hindi

Radio Mirchi, with its tagline "It's Hot!", brings the latest chartbusters and sizzling entertainment to its audience. Known for its energetic RJs and innovative shows, this Hindi FM radio is a favorite among the youth and those who crave the hottest tunes.

4. Radio City 91.1 FM:

Radio City - FM Radio Hindi

"City ka Music, City ke Mood" - Radio City has a unique way of connecting with the local vibe. By understanding the preferences of the listeners and playing the right melodies at the right time, this radio station has carved a niche for itself as an FM radio in Hindi that truly understands the pulse of the city.

5. BIG FM 92.7 Chennai:

Big FM - Radio FM Hindi

BIG 92.7 FM in Chennai brings the 'Big' beats to the cultural capital of South India. With a diverse playlist that caters to the taste buds of Chennai's vibrant populace, this radio station is a celebration of music, culture, and the city's unique identity.

6. AIR FM Gold:

FM Gold - Radio FM Online

All India Radio's FM Gold is a treasure trove for those who appreciate the golden era of Hindi music. With a blend of classic melodies, timeless poetry, and thought-provoking discussions, this Hindi radio station offers a nostalgic journey for listeners seeking a deeper connection with the roots of Indian music.

7. Red FM 93.5:

Red FM - FM Radio In Hindi

Known for its bold and vibrant programming, Red FM 93.5 is the Hindi FM radio station that injects a dose of fun into the airwaves. With its lively RJs and humorous content, this radio station is the go-to place for listeners who want to kick back and enjoy a lively mix of music and banter.

8. Fever 104 FM:

Fever FM - Hindi FM Radio

Fever 104 FM is a popular radio station in India that operates in several major cities across the country. It is part of the Fever Network and is known for its contemporary and energetic programming. This radio FM Hindi primarily focuses on playing a mix of Bollywood and international music, catering to a wide audience.

9. Radio Nasha 91.9 FM:

Radio Nasha - FM Radio Hindi

Radio Nasha 91.9 FM is a popular Hindi FM radio in India that caters to a diverse audience with its engaging content and a mix of classic Bollywood music. Launched by HT Media, this radio station focuses on playing retro Hindi songs from the golden era of Bollywood, spanning the 1960s to the 2000s.

10. My FM 94.3:

MY FM- Radio FM Hindi

My FM 94.3 has established itself as an FM radio Hindi that resonates with the heartbeats of various cities across India. From local happenings to chart-topping hits, My FM 94.3 keeps listeners connected to their roots. This radio station is known for its engaging content, including Bollywood and regional music, talk shows, and interactive segments.

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Amidst the harmonious realm of Hindi FM radio, these radio stations distinguish themselves with their distinct characteristics, varied content, and knack for resonating with audiences across generations. Whether you lean towards the latest musical trends or appreciate the timeless melodies of yesteryears, these Hindi radio stations present something uniquely enticing, solidifying its integral role in India's vibrant radio panorama. Immerse yourself and allow the tunes from these Hindi radio stations to weave a tapestry of rhythm and delight into your daily experiences!


1. What is the significance of Hindi FM Radio?

Hindi Radio Stations hold cultural and entertainment significance in India, serving as a dynamic platform for music, news, and engaging content. It plays a crucial role in connecting people with the latest tunes, Bollywood hits, discussions, informative talk shows, and local events.

2. What does a typical day look like on FM Radio In Hindi?

A day on FM Radio in Hindi unfolds with a variety of shows, starting with morning melodies, interactive talk shows, and thematic playlists. RJs (Radio Jockeys) engage listeners with humor, trivia, and discussions. The programming evolves throughout the day, offering a mix of news, music, and entertainment, catering to diverse audiences and moods.

3. What sets apart FM Radio Hindi from other music platforms?

FM Radio Hindi provides a unique and curated experience, blending music with engaging commentary and community-centric content. Unlike algorithm-driven playlists, Hindi radio stations offer a personal touch through RJs, dedications, and live interactions, fostering a sense of connection and shared cultural experience.

4. How do radio stations keep up with current trends in music?

Radio stations stay current by closely monitoring music charts, audience preferences, and industry trends. They collaborate with music directors, conduct listener surveys, and participate in industry events to ensure their playlists remain fresh and aligned with the evolving musical landscape.

5. Can I request songs on Radio FM Hindi?

Yes, most Radio FM Hindi encourage listener's participation. They often have dedicated segments for song requests, shout-outs, and interactions with RJs. Social media platforms and dedicated phone lines are commonly used for listeners to connect and make song requests.

6. How are advertisements managed on Hindi FM Radio?

Advertisements on Hindi FM Radio are strategically placed between shows and music segments. Ad revenue supports station operations and allows them to provide free content to listeners. Radio stations often collaborate with businesses for creative and engaging ad campaigns to enhance the overall listener experience.

7. Is there a difference between national and regional FM Radio in Hindi?

Yes, there can be differences. National Hindi Radio stations often have a broader appeal with content spanning across regions, while regional stations focus on local culture, events, and preferences. Both contribute to the rich tapestry of Hindi FM Radio, catering to diverse audiences.

8. How does FM Radio Hindi contribute to local communities?

FM Radio Hindi plays a vital role in community engagement by promoting local events, artists, and initiatives. Radio stations often collaborate with community organizations, supporting social causes, and acting as a catalyst for positive change within localities.

9. Can I listen to Hindi FM Radio online?

Yes, many Hindi radio stations offer online streaming through their official websites or dedicated apps. This allows listeners to tune in from anywhere globally, ensuring the diaspora and enthusiasts worldwide can stay connected to Indian music and culture.

10. How can one become an RJ on FM Radio in Hindi?

Becoming an RJ typically involves a passion for music, good communication skills, and often a degree in mass communication or related fields. Many radio stations conduct auditions or talent hunts to discover new voices. Building a strong portfolio, gaining experience through internships, and networking within the industry are key steps towards becoming an RJ on Hindi FM Radio.