10 Best Radio Stations In Chandigarh

10 Best Radio Stations In Chandigarh

Entertainment is one of the most essential aspects of our life. The thirst for entertainment is perpetual, and people are always looking for new options to entertain themselves. However, one thing remains the same and that is “Radio”. From the old days to this contemporary time, radio is still cherishing different heartbeats of the nation. The love for radio is never-ending. In this age of social media and online music platforms, people are still chasing different radio stations in Chandigarh.

Like the rest of India, the city of Garden, Chandigarh is not an exception. Apart from, beautiful gardens and planned surroundings, the city holds love for radio. Due to this ceaseless love, there are numerous Chandigarh radio stations. Whether it is road or household you will find people chilling on the radio.

If you are also one of those who holds endearment for radio and like to tune different FM channels then this article is for you. In this blog, we will talk about the best 10 radio stations in Chandigarh. From music to talk shows, these channels will quench your thirst for beautiful melodies and knowledgeable discussions.

Chandigarh Radio Stations List

Station name Frequency Languages Founded Year

Bajao Radio

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Online Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Uttarakhand, Haryanvi, Devotional 2020
Radio Vivek 90.8 FM 90.8 FM Punjabi, Hindi, English 2007
Desh Bhagat Radio 107.8 FM 107.8 FM Punjabi, Hindi, English 2012
BIG 92.7 FM 92.7 FM Hindi, English 2006
Red FM 93.5 92.7 MHz Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam 2009
MY 94.3 FM 94.3 FM Hindi, English 2006
Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM 98.3 FM Hindi, Marathi 2001
Vividh Bharati 103.1 FM 103.1 FM Hindi, Kannada, English 1957
All India Radio AIR Chandigarh 101.6 FM 101.6 FM Punjabi, Hindi, English 1936
Bol Punjabi Radio Online Punjabi 2013

1. Bajao Radio - Best Radio Station In Chandigarh

Bajao Radio - Radio Stations In ChandigarhIf you ask anybody what is their first choice of radio station in Chandigarh, the answer is Bajao Radio. Popular among listeners for melodies, news, talk shows, regional music, and broadcasts, the radio station earned a good name in a short span.

This online app serves radio enthusiasts with top-notch content and listeners can also explore different genres. The Bajao Radio app is available on both iOS and Android devices for a seamless experience at your fingertips.

So, if you do not want to miss out on fun, pick up your mobile and tune in to this amazing radio app which is one of the most loved radio stations in Chandigarh.

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2. Radio Vivek 90.8 FM

Radio Vivek 90.8 FM - Chandigarh radio stationsRadio Vivek is home to local voices, whether it is health, environment, education, culture, or entertainment, the radio left no stone unturned to provide radio lovers with quality content.

It is a community radio station that holds a special place among listeners for its real-time and relevant information. It serves the local needs and provides a stage for the talent, where the new voices get a chance to flourish.

3. Desh Bhagat Radio 107.8 FM

Desh Bhagat Radio 107.8 FM - FM radio station in chandigarhTo foster education, promote culture, and develop community spirit, these are reasons why this radio station was started by Desh Bhagat University, Punjab. 

It is empowering the local community with real-time agricultural information, and health tips and creating social awareness with a flavour of entertainment. Local talent flourished here and it serves as an important medium for community participation and education.

4. BIG 92.7 FM

BIG 92.7 FM - radio stations chandigarhBIG 92.7 FM is one of the well-known radio stations in Chandigarh. Famous for its radio jockeys who connect with people and add a new twist to entertain them.

Whether it is timeless Indian Bollywood music or Western music, listeners can tune in to a wide range of variety to get themselves lost in the universe of music.

5. Red FM 93.5

Red FM 93.5 - chandigarh radio stationWhether you are a soulful music lover or want to groove on the beats of pulsating music, Red FM 93.5 is the place.

Radio enthusiasts love the shows presented by the radio station and the way radio jockeys interact with them. If you require music therapy then turn on the radio and enjoy the melodies.

6. MY 94.3 FM

MY 94.3 FM - radio station chandigarhContemporary hits, lifestyle shows, and entertaining celebrity interviews are the USP of my 94.3 FM. Catering to listeners with a variety of programs, the radio station has a popular fan base.

My 94.3 FM presents appealing segments from current affairs to classic hits, regional favorites to western beats, it attracts listeners with its lively and interactive approach.

7. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM - FM radio chandigarhFamous among radio enthusiasts for its music and entertaining shows, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM is a blast. People love to listen to this radio station because of its entertainment-oriented programs, specially crafted for youths.

It has a mass following not only in Chandigarh but all over India. The radio station serves it all whether you want to listen to classic hits or modern thrilling music.

8. Vividh Bharati 103.1 FM

Vividh Bharati 103.1 FM - radio chandigarhStarted just after the next decade of our independence, Vividh Bharti 103.1 FM is the home of old classical hits with information “tadka”.

Presenting audiences with traditional folk songs, the radio station has penetrated its way into the hearts of the listeners. News, songs, and information make it a one-stop solution for radio enthusiasts.

9. All India Radio AIR Chandigarh 101.6 FM

All India Radio AIR Chandigarh 101.6 FM - Chandigarh radioAll India Radio AIR Chandigarh 101.6 FM is one of the most listened radio stations in Chandigarh. Serving people as a national public radio broadcaster, All India Radio, offers news, cultural programs, and regional content to the people.

Since its inception, the radio station has taken care of the linguistic and cultural demands of the people in the region. A tool for spreading important information, flourishing local culture, and providing educational content, it has become an essential part of the local population.

10. Bol Punjabi Radio

Bol Punjabi Radio - Online radio chandigarhWith a global reach, Bol Punjab Radio is a home for Punjabi songs and cultural shows. The radio station left no stone unturned to celebrate Punjabi culture. 

Entertaining the Indian diaspora around the world, helps them to get connect with their roots. By presenting traditional and modern Punjabi songs, it preserves linguistic and cultural heritage.


Just imagine! What will be our life without Radio? The answer is simple; flavorless. Whether it is talk shows, music shows, podcasts, or other entertainment programs, radio is an essential part of our daily lives. 

When it comes to Chandigarh there are lots of radio stations in Chandigarh that are entertaining the local audiences but Bajao Radio rules the heart. Radio enthusiasts in Chandigarh love to listen to this online radio app. The wide range of programs offered by Bajao Radio including news, talk shows, music, and interviews have already made their way to the hearts of the listeners. 

Radio stations are like salt, adding new tastes to our daily life. They help us to leave behind stress and anxiety and allow us to enjoy our day-to-day happiness. If you are one of those whose hearts beat for soulful melodies then a radio station in Chandigarh is the medicine. So! Do not wait! Get up, turn on the radio, and enjoy life.


1. What radio station is best?

There are several radio stations that are the best like Red FM 93.5, BIG 92.7 FM, Bajao Radio, etc. It is your choice to choose the best radio station for yourself.

2. What is the frequency of Big FM Chandigarh?

The radio frequency of the BIG FM Chandigarh is 92.7MHz.

3. What is the frequency of All India Radio Chandigarh?

The frequency of All India Radio (AIR) Chandigarh is 107.2 MHz, it is known as the FM Gold channel.

4. What is the channel of Mirchi radio?

The channel of Radio Mirchi is 98.3 MHz.

5. How to listen to 92.7 Big FM online?

You can use online apps like Ganna, JioSaavn, and TuneIn, to enjoy listening to 92.7 Big FM online. You can also visit the official website of the radio station to stream it online.