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As Hindi and Punjabi are two most spoken languages of Delhi. Welcome to Punjabi and Hindi Radio Station, your ultimate portal to dive into the life of Delhi. Tune in to these Delhi radio stations to immerse yourself in the soulful melodies, electrifying lifestyle, and spicy flavors of the national capital, always satiated yet full of energy. Put your headphones on and enjoy the trending beats of Delhi. Switch to the Reels and explore what people are doing around you. Tap on your screen and know everything happening in the city. Everything, just on your palm.

Steps To Listen Punjabi & Hindi Radio Station In Delhi

A very easy navigation to switch between the different modes according to your mood. Tap on the icons to switch between the Punjabi & Hindi Radio Station In Delhi, music, and reels in your app.

  • 1 Download the app from the play store app and apple store app . Tap on the Bajao Radio Icon to Open the App.

    Step 1
  • 2 Tap on the icon and select either Hindi Radio Station or Punjabi Radio Station.

    Step 2 Step 2
  • 3 Select the   Radio icon (in the Middle) and enjoy news, podcasts, music, and shows on Hindi and Punjabi Radio Station.

    Step 3 Step 3
  • 4 Tap on the   Music icon (on the left) to listen to a neverending list of Hindi and Punjabi Songs.

    Step 4
  • 5 Tap on the   Reels icon (on the Right) to watch people making reels in Hindi and Punjabi Languages.

    Step 5

Dynamic Features Of Radio Station In Delhi

Whether you love listening to music or scrolling through the reels in your pastime, Bajao Radio, the best-rated online FM radio in Delhi, brings something that cares for everyone’s taste.



Explore an ultimate playlist of Hindi and Punjabi songs in our Music Section. From chart toppers to golden classics, we curate a playlist that keeps you hooked around the clock. Whether you are craving some nostalgic beats or on the hunt for a party bash, we have you covered.



Immerse yourself in the verse of captivating visuals, heartwarming stories, hilarious moments, and whatnot, all presented in your favorite language. Showcase your talent to a broad audience base and earn fame with your name. Enjoy the content from different creators on the music, food, culture, and lifestyle of Delhi in our Reels section of Delhi Radio Station.

FM Radio

FM Radio

Stay informed, connected, and entertained with our Delhi Radio Station. We deliver a treasure of news, events, and podcasts that keep you updated about everything happening around and in the city. Bajao Radio offers content for different age groups and communities according to their very particular taste.

Why Choose Us?

Bajao Radio offers content for people of different tastes, regions, and languages. Our feature-rich application provides different portals for users who love audio and video content. We are a proud Delhi radio online that delivers informational, entertainment, and culture-boosting content to our target audience.


Authentic Experience

Enjoy the very authentic experience of Delhi’s culture, food, lifestyle, podcasts, and more in the local language i.e. Punjabi and Hindi. Enjoy everything, be it hip-hop music, devotional songs, or podcasts from famous personalities, with our Delhi radio station.

Community Engagement

Our radio station fosters community engagement by partnering with different organizations and event organizers. Enjoy content from the people of your community, sight in the events and programs that interest you, and much more.


Continuous Innovation for Listeners

Be it playlists, radio content, or music, we keep bringing new content for our audience from time to time. Further, we adopt an innovation-driven approach that motivates us to impart new and interactive features timely into the app.

What We Offer?

We are always creative in our offerings, trying our best to deliver engaging content to our audience. Our different niches in content and multiple formats keep the user entertained for a longer time.

Wide Range Musical Content

Wide Range of Content

From traditional songs, spiritual bhajans, and nostalgic tones, to Bollywood music, hip-hop songs, and engaging videos, Delhi Radio Station at Bajao Radio provides a wide range of content.


24/7 Accessibility

Our app is accessible to Apple as well as Android users, covering around 98.4% of the total world population. Now tune in to the Delhi radio online for the melodies of Bajao radio round the clock without caring for day or night.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Switch through the different languages, states, and portals with few taps. Our user-friendly interface and seamless navigation make it easier for everyone to access different features and portals like music, radio, and reels.

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