How to Claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel?

How to Claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel?

Are you wondering how to claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel? This blog is curated to help you learn inside out in detail. 

In today's digital age, YouTube has become an essential platform for musicians and artists to connect with their audience and bring their work to the forefront. To enhance this connection, YouTube offers an OAC (Official Artist Channel), a coveted feature that combines your music video catalog with other official content you may have on the platform. So, claiming your YouTube Official Artist Channel not only provides a unified presence but also unlocks several benefits for artists, such as more control, enhanced visibility, and a professional image. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to claim your YouTube OAC and make the most of this powerful tool. Let’s dive deep into it and understand this topic in detail.

What is a YouTube Official Artist Channel?

A YouTube Official Artist Channel is a single channel that merges your music video catalog, including all official music videos, with all the other official content you have on YouTube. Your fans can find, stream, and interact with your music and visual material all in one place with this combined channel. 

So, with a YouTube Official Artist Channel, you can foster a go-to platform for your audience where they can find all your music videos, along with the other informative content that you may have uploaded to YouTube.

5 Benefits to Claim Your Official Artist Channel

There are multiple benefits of claiming your Official Artist Channel which are as follows:


It combines all your official content into one place, making it easier for fans to find and engage with your music.

Enhanced Branding:

You can customize your channel with profile pictures, banners, and featured videos, reinforcing your brand identity.

Access to YouTube Studio:

Another benefit is claiming your channel grants access to YouTube Studio, a powerful tool for managing your content, analyzing performance, and interacting with your audience.

Control and Verification:

You gain control over your music catalog and visual content. It also helps verify your identity as an official artist.

Improved Search and Discovery:

Your music is presented in an organized and professional manner, increasing discoverability and engagement.

So, these are the amazing benefits of having your YouTube Official Artist Channel. Isn’t it interesting? Maybe now a question knocking on your mind is - Am I eligible to claim a YouTube OAC? So, let’s move on to the upcoming section to know the eligibility criteria.

How to Apply for Your YouTube OAC?

It is easy to apply for it by following some quick steps given below. Let's explore the step-by-step process to claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel.

1. Log in

Start by logging in to your YouTube account using your Google account credentials. Ensure that you use the Google account associated with your artist or music channel.

2. Search Your Channel

Locate the YouTube channel that you want to claim as your Official Artist Channel. You can do this by simply searching for your artist name using the YouTube search bar.

3. Contact Support

Once you're on your channel page, scroll down and click on the "Help" link, usually found at the bottom of the YouTube page. This will direct you to the YouTube Help Center.

4. Request for Access

In the YouTube Help Center, you will find options for different types of help. Choose "Need more help?" or "Contact the YouTube team." This will help you to resolve the issue.

5. Fill Out the Form

In the contact form, select the category that best describes your request. In this case, it would be "Channel or content ownership." Then, choose the specific issue, which is "I want to claim an Official Artist Channel." Fill out the form with your information and request to claim your Official Artist Channel.

6. Complete Documentation Process

YouTube will likely request documentation to verify your identity and rights to the channel. This documentation may include:

  • Official government-issued identification 
  • Proof of association with your music label or distributor, such as a contract or agreement
  • Any relevant music industry information that supports your claim

Be prepared to provide these documents promptly to expedite the claiming process.

7. Wait for a Response

Last but not the least, after submitting the form and documentation, you will need to be patient and wait for a response from YouTube. The review process may take some time as YouTube needs to verify your eligibility and identity.

8. Claim Your Channel

Once YouTube has verified your eligibility and identity, you will receive an email or notification confirming that you can claim your Official Artist Channel. Follow the instructions provided in the notification to officially claim your channel.

9. Verify and Customize

After claiming your Official Artist Channel, you'll have access to the YouTube Studio dashboard. Use this platform to verify your channel and customize it to your liking. You can add profile pictures, banners, and featured videos that reflect your brand and style.

10. Start Promoting Your Channel

Now that you have successfully claimed your YouTube OAC, it's time to make the most of it. Regularly upload content, interact with your audience, and use the platform to connect with your fans, promote your music, and share your creative journey.

How to Become Eligible for YouTube Official Artist Channel?

Not every YouTube channel is eligible for an Official Artist Channel. They have specific criteria that one must meet to leverage the perks of this new title. Here are the requirements to transfigure your channel to YouTube Official Artist Channel-

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1. You Must Have At Least Three Official Releases:

You must have at least three music videos delivered to YouTube through a music distribution partner like a record label or digital distributor.

2. You Must Own Your YouTube Channel:

You should have admin access to the YouTube channel that you want to claim as an Official Artist Channel.

3. You Must Have a Substantial Presence on YouTube:

Your account should have a good number of subscribers and regular viewer engagement.

If you meet these requirements, you're ready to move on to the claiming process. 


If you are a music creator with a lack of audience recognition, the YouTube Official Artist Channel is all you need. While it might demand some hard work to create quality videos with connecting music content, it is entirely worth it to deserve your time and efforts. The YouTube Official Channel provides you with a platform where you audience can find your overall content and you can receive all the payout for your quality content. 


1. How long does it take to claim a YouTube artist channel?

The time it takes to claim a YouTube artist channel can vary. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. It depends on factors such as the verification and validation process, the completeness of your artist profile, and YouTube's current workload. To expedite the process, make sure your profile information is accurate and up to date, and follow the instructions provided by YouTube during the channel claim process.

2. Who is eligible for a YouTube official artist channel?

To be eligible for a YouTube official artist channel, you typically need to meet certain criteria set by YouTube. While these criteria may change over time, they often include the following:

  • You must be a musical artist or a music group.
  • You should have an existing YouTube channel with a substantial following.
  • Your music must be distributed through a YouTube Music Partner (such as a music distributor or record label).
  • You should have an active presence on YouTube, regularly uploading music and content related to your music.

Meeting these criteria is essential to be considered for an official artist channel. It's important to review YouTube's official guidelines and requirements for artist channels, as they may be subject to change.

3. How do I link my artist account to YouTube?

Linking your artist account to YouTube involves several steps:

  • Ensure you meet YouTube's eligibility criteria for an official artist channel, as mentioned in the previous answer.
  • If your music is distributed through a YouTube Music Partner, they will often handle the process of linking your artist account to YouTube. Reach out to your music distributor or record label for assistance.
  • Make sure your artist profile is complete and accurate. This includes having an up-to-date biography, high-quality profile picture, and relevant information about your music.
  • Promote your YouTube channel on other social media platforms, your official website, and through your music releases to build your presence on YouTube.
  • Engage with your audience on YouTube by regularly uploading music, music videos, and other content related to your music.