Top 10 Radio Stations In Jaipur

Top 10 Radio Stations In Jaipur

Jaipur, the pink city of India, is known for its historical landmarks and musical heritage. Besides all the delicious food and enticing handicrafts, Jaipur radio stations are quite popular. Thus, every household tunes into radio stations like Bajao radio, My FM 94.3, and more while having dinner or sitting ideally.

Each station comes with its unique programs that cater to a diverse audience and have a special place in the hearts of the locals. In this historic city, these Jaipur radio stations are the top source of entertainment and communication, where millions of active listeners connect every day to listen to fresh and interactive content.

If you want to explore the music taste and popular radio programs in Jaipur, we have got you covered. Here, we have listed the top 10 radio stations in Jaipur that are playing a pivotal role in people's everyday lives.

List of Top 10 Radio Stations In Jaipur


Radio Stations


Language Support

Launch Year


Bajao Radio

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Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Uttarakhand, Haryanvi, Devotional



Radio City 91.1 FM

91.1 FM




BIG 92.7 FM

92.7 FM 

Hindi, English



Red FM 93.5 FM

93.5 FM 

Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu



My FM 94.3 FM

94.3 FM




Radio Tadka 95 FM

95 FM

Hindi, Urdu



Radio Mirchi 98.3

98.3 FM>

Hindi, Marathi



Vividh Bharati 100.3

100.3 FM

Rajasthani, Hindi, and English.



All India Radio Air Akashvani 101.2

101.2 FM

Hindi, English, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Marathi



Mirchi Love 104.0

104.0 FM

Hindi, Marathi


1. Bajao Radio - Best Radio Station In Jaipur

Bajao Radio - best jaipur radio station in jaipurThe very first people's choice of radio station in Jaipur is Bajao Radio. An online FM radio app where listeners can explore different content. These include melodies, news, talk shows, broadcasts, live music, regional shows, and much more.

Bajao Radio has gained immense popularity in a short period among music lovers and allows listeners to listen to radio programs in their regional languages.

So, if you're looking for the trendiest Jaipur radio stations, then download the Bajao radio app on your Android and iOS devices and get all-time entertainment in your pocket.

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2. Radio City 91.1 FM

Radio City 91.1 FM - fm radio stations in jaipurAnother popular radio station in Jaipur is Radio City 91.1 FM. It has a popular motto called "City ka Music, City ke Mood," where entertainment demands cater to the mood of local listeners with a mix of contemporary tracks and engaging shows.

3. BIG 92.7 FM

Big 92.7 FM - jaipur radio stationsBig FM 92.7 is one of the best Jaipur radio stations, offering music and content entertainment where local listeners are connected with radio jockeys and hosts because of their timeless music choices, from local languages to Western music.

4. Red FM 93.5 FM

Red FM 93.5 FM - radio station in jaipurRed FM 93.5 will never fail to steal the local people's hearts in Jaipur with its good and soulful music choices in multiple genres and languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. There are various types of content broadcasts, such as spirited programs, talk shows, interviews, comedy shows, lively playlists, and much more, which keep engaging listeners every day.

5. My FM 94.3 FM

My FM 94.3 - FM radio stations in JaipurMy FM 94.3 is one of the top-ranking radio stations in Jaipur, where active listeners enjoy their favorite music, movie reviews, celebrity gossip, engaging talk shows, RJ humor, and tons of entertainment.

6. Radio Tadka 95 FM

Radio Tadka 95 FM - Jaipur radio stationsRadio Tadka 95 FM has a mass audience and caters to all age groups. It offers different types of content, including news, music, Hollywood, and more. For locals, Radio Tadka 95 FM provides great entertainment. So, if you are a music lover or news enthusiast, then tune into this FM and enjoy listening.

7. Radio Mirchi 98.3

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM - radio stations in jaipurKnown for its best music charts like Mirchi Top 20 and other programs. These include Meethi Mirchi, and Tech Makhni. In Jaipur, everyone loves this FM, as it is an excellent source of songs and entertainment content. Above all, it has a mass following in Jaipur.

8. Vividh Bharati 100.3

Vividh Bharti 100.3 FM - jaipur radio stationIt is a government radio station that offers content such as retro and classical songs, news, talk content, skits, and other interactive programs. For many years, it has remained a timeless favorite for its cultural programs and classic melodies.

9. All India Radio Air Akashvani 101.2

All India Radio Air Akashvani 101.2 FM radio stations in JaipurTune into another popular radio station where listeners can enjoy current affairs, news, talk content, and music. This broadcasting company was started in July 1927. You can download the Akashvani Radio app from the Play Store for a smooth listening experience.

10. Mirchi Love 104.0

Mirchi Love 104.0 FM - radio stations jaipurThe list of the top 10 Jaipur radio stations feels incomplete without adding Mirchi Love. It is known for playing love songs, news, talk, and other programs 24/7, winning the hearts of youth. It started with the slogan "Love songs 24×7"


Radio stations are a perfect addition to our days, adding a pinch of spice and flavor. From interesting talk shows to foot-tapping music and news about the world, you can have a soulful experience while listening to FM radio stations in Jaipur. In all, it can be said that the fun that radio stations bring to your table is completely unmatched! Thus, if you love to indulge in some soulful music or get updated about the world, then “Bajao Radio” is everything that you need.

Bajao Radio is a one-stop entertainment destination wherein you can stream a wide range of content, including the latest songs, talk shows, interviews, news, and other informational programs. Over the years, Bajao Radio has become a favorite of the youth and has emerged as a popular online radio channel, grabbing all the attention.


1. Which is the All India Radio Station in Jaipur?

All India Radio Station is a national public radio which broadcasts on 101.2 FM. This radio station is owned by the government with 470 FM stations covering 92% of India's area. You can listen to news, music, talks, and more in 23 languages and 179 dialects.

2. Which is the Best FM Channel?

According to several studies, Bajao Radio and Big FM are two of the most popular FM channels in India.

3. What is the Frequency of Radio City Jaipur?

Radio City Jaipur, Rajasthan broadcasts with the frequency of 91.1 FM

4. What is the Frequency of Jaipur radio?

Jaipur Radio broadcasts with the frequency of 101.2 FM

5. What Radio Stations are Most Popular?

Some of the most popular FM radio stations in Jaipur include Bajao Radio, Big FM, All India Radio Station, and more.