What Is Internet Radio & How Does It Work?

What Is Internet Radio & How Does It Work?

In the vast aspect of digital media, Internet radio has emerged as an important milestone in the evolution of radio, transforming the way we consume audio content. With the rise of streaming services and the decline of traditional radio, the term "Internet radio" has become increasingly prevalent.

In this blog post, we'll delve into exploring what is Internet radio, how it works, and the key differences between online radio with its traditional counterpart.

What Is Online Radio?

In understanding What is Online Radio, commonly known as Internet radio, we discover a broadcasting service that transmits audio content over the Internet rather than through traditional radio waves. Unlike terrestrial radio, dependent on radio towers and frequencies, online radio utilizes the power of the internet to deliver audio content to a global audience.

This enables listeners to access a diverse range of music, talk shows, podcasts, and other audio content from anywhere in the world.

How Does Internet Radio Work?

Discover the essence of "What is Internet Radio" by understanding its operational mechanism. Internet radio works through streaming technology, transmitting real-time audio content over the internet. This allows global access to diverse music, talk shows, and podcasts, transforming the traditional radio experience.

1. Streaming Technology:

Internet radio operates on streaming technology, where audio files are transmitted in real-time over the Internet. Instead of downloading the entire file before playing, streaming allows users to start listening almost instantly. This is achieved through codecs that compress and decompress audio data, ensuring a seamless listening experience.

2. Servers and Platforms:

Online FM radio stations use servers to store and transmit audio content. These servers are managed by online radio platforms that facilitate the broadcasting process. Popular platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and TuneIn Radio host a multitude of stations, offering users a wide array of choices.

3. User Interface:

Listeners access Internet radio through various user interfaces, such as free radio websites, dedicated applications, or integrated features within smart speakers and other devices. These interfaces provide a user-friendly experience, allowing users to search for specific stations, and genres, or even create personalized playlists.

4. Global Reach:

One of the significant advantages of online radio is its global reach. Traditional FM radio signals are limited by geographic boundaries, but Internet radio transcends these limitations. Listeners can tune in from anywhere with an internet connection, connecting people across continents and cultures.

5. Personalization and Interactivity:

Internet radio platforms often incorporate algorithms that analyze users' listening habits and preferences. This data is then used to recommend tailored playlists or stations, creating a personalized experience for each listener. Some platforms also enable user interaction through features like song requests, dedications, and live chats.

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Difference Between Internet Radio & Traditional FM Radio

Let's examine the constraints of traditional FM radio when compared to the expansive capabilities of Internet radio.

1. Geographical Constraints:

Unlike traditional FM radio stations that have a limited broadcasting range, streaming radio stations can reach a global audience.

2. Content Variety:

Online radio offers a vast array of content, from mainstream music to niche genres, talk shows, and podcasts. This diversity surpasses the often more standardized content of traditional FM radio.

3. On-Demand vs. Scheduled:

Traditional FM radio operates on a scheduled programming model, where listeners tune in at specific times for specific shows. Internet radio, on the other hand, often allows on-demand listening, giving users the flexibility to choose what they want to hear and when.

Now that we have explored what is Internet Radio, how it works, and its key differences with traditional FM radio, let's continue the journey with a closer look at the Top 5 Free Online Radio Apps in India, bringing you a curated list for an enriched audio experience.

Top 5 Free Online Radio Apps in India

Online radio apps have grown in popularity as a source of entertainment and information in India, providing a wide option of music, talk shows, news, and other related content. Users may access their favorite streaming radio stations whenever and wherever they want thanks to the wider reach of mobile apps and the internet. Let's explore the top 5 free online radio apps in India that can accommodate the wide range of preferences of Indian net radio users.

1. Bajao Radio: Best Online Radio App

  • Founded Year: 2020
  • Owner Name: Bajao Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bajao Radio is a user-friendly online radio app in India. It offers a wide range of music, including Bollywood songs as well as regional music, making it an all-time solution for music lovers.

For their target audience, they also telecast news, live shows, etc. The layout of Bajao Radio is well-known for making it simpler for users to listen to their preferred stations. Additionally, this internet radio app offers live broadcasts that let users connect with their favorite radio hosts and make requests regarding the songs.

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2. Radio Mirchi - FM Radio & Podcasts

  • Founded Year: 2001
  • Owner Name: Entertainment Network India Limited (ENIL)

Radio Mirchi is one of India's most reputed and reliable FM radio networks. It is an online digital platform that offers the best of its digital streaming services to your smartphone. This online radio station offers a complete listening experience with broad options of Bollywood as well as regional music, interesting live conversation shows, and live broadcasts. Users can listen to this live Hindi FM radio streaming from different Indian cities which ensures a link to the regional music. Also, Radio Mirchi's radio hosts provide live streaming as a unique concept that keeps users interested.

3. Gaana - Hindi, English, Punjabi MP3 Songs App

  • Founded Year: 2010
  • Owner Name: Gamma Gaana Ltd.

As Gaana is a leading online radio station service provider, it also provides an efficient radio experience. The audience can easily access wide options of personalized playlists, including stations based on artists. The radio feature on Gaana ensures a continuous listening experience by allowing a smooth transition between tracks. Also, it provides custom suggestions depending on the history of the user of listening to music. Even while this radio app in India offers paid subscriptions, its free version gives music enthusiasts access to a wide range of song and radio content.

4. JioSaavn - Music & Podcasts

  • Founded Year: 2007 (as Saavn)
  • Owner Name: Saavn Media Pvt. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Reliance Industries)

JioSaavn is a well-known music streaming service provider in India. This online radio station has a strong radio component. Users can browse a wide selection of Indian and foreign music, including popular Bollywood songs and regional music.

5. TuneIn Radio: Music, News, Sports & Podcasts

  • Founded Year: 2002
  • Owner Name: TuneIn Inc

TuneIn is a global radio network that offers a huge selection of radio stations from a global level, making it one of the suited options for people looking for diversified online streaming services. This FM Radio app offers access to news, sports, talk shows, podcasts, and music channels from an option of genres. Users can get enough opportunities to listen to a variety of Indian radio channels, including regional broadcasts and domestic stations.


You now must be clear in understanding what is Internet radio & How it works. In the dynamic landscape of audio entertainment, streaming radio stands as a beacon of innovation. By harnessing the power of the internet, it offers listeners unprecedented access to diverse audio content from around the globe. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the world of web radio, shaping the future of how we engage with and enjoy audio experiences. 


Q.1 What is online radio?

Online radio is an audio content service that uses the internet to offer content instead of traditional FM radio waves. 

Q.2 What does an Internet radio do?

Internet radio allows users to listen to audio content, including music, talk shows, and podcasts, by streaming it over the Internet. It provides a global platform for accessing diverse content, eliminating geographical constraints associated with traditional FM radio broadcasting.

Q.3 Is the internet radio Free?

A plethora of internet radio content is available for free, with many local channels and national networks offering live transmissions accessible through links on their websites. The Bajao Radio App is a notable example, providing a free online radio service that allows users to enjoy a diverse range of audio content.

Q.4 Can I access local radio stations on Internet Radio?

Yes, numerous streaming radio platforms, including the Bajao Radio App, feature local and national radio stations. Users can access live transmissions through links on their websites or dedicated apps, providing a convenient and personalized listening experience.